Do you want to give your children the opportunity to study, perhaps abroad? Student Loans are tailor-made to receive the liquidity needed to complete the course of study or undertake a training course.

  • 1 What are Student Loans?
  • 2 Which Loan is granted to students?
  • 3 Other loans for university students
  • 4 What do I need to apply for a loan?
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What are Student Loans?

Student loan

Student Loans allow you to receive the sum required to meet the costs of university studies. For students who do not have their own income, these expenses can become unsustainable by putting the schooling at risk.

In addition, when the studies are off-site, the costs will start to be higher and may hold unpleasant surprises. Thanks to Student Loans, you get a liquidity that supports you during the three-year, master’s degree or any school path you’re taking.



Which Loan is granted to students?

Which Loan is granted to students?

The loan that is granted to a student is usually an honor loan or an honorary loan . The Honor Loan is a form of Personal Loan in agreement with the universities.

This type of Loan is widespread in other countries as in the USA with the aim of reducing or halving university tuition and fees. Students can apply to a partner credit institution and obtain a loan of up to € 6,000 per year to spend on school expenses.

The Loan does not need a pay slip or the parents’ signature or even a guarantor. You can easily find the requirements on the website of the Ministry of Education .



Other Loans for university students

Other Loans for university students

In Italy, parents and grandparents are increasingly willing and happy to support tuition costs for the studies of their children or grandchildren. Another form of Loan may be requested by the latter, with a Loan in payroll or on the pension slip .

The Loan to which we refer is the Assignment of the Fifth , in fact, it allows parents and grandparents (Employees or Pensioners up to 90 years) to request the sum that will be required for the studies of their child or grandchild.

This form of loan also makes it possible to obtain large amounts, so as to financially support the studies of one’s children away from home, perhaps abroad. The Loan in question does not require guarantors or mortgages and is covered by a “life risk” and “employment risk” policy charged to the bank.


What do I need to apply for a loan?

What do I need to apply for a loan?

To complete your loan request for university studies we need:

  • Identity card;
  • Fiscal Code;
  • Last paycheck or last payslip.

The Loan will subsequently be taken over by our operators who will meticulously follow the progress of the practice. You can request the Loan Estimate for students easily online from your smartphone or PC.


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