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There are specific credit lines for microenterprises in Brazil.

Microenterprises are considered small in the market and should fit within the annual revenues of $ 360,000, to follow this category. Companies that grow and surpass this value become a small company.

Employee numbers are also specific: for industry, up to 19 employees; services and commerce, up to 9 people.

These types of companies benefit the government, as do individual microentrepreneurs, and have a degree of ease in getting credit and in tax reporting, among other things.

Micro-enterprise laws tend to make small business life easier by giving more growth opportunities to warm up market competition. The government proposes greater flexibility for companies of this type to generate jobs and income for more people, while lowering the value of products and services.

As a result, microenterprises have a specific tax regime that fits within the Simples Nacional.

Types of MEs


  • Simple society: Provision of services from the provision of services on a personal basis (lawyers, doctors, dentists, writers). There must be at least one partner.
  • Individual Limited Liability Company (EIRELI): only the entrepreneur. The entrepreneurial and personal assets of the entrepreneur are separated.
  • Business Company: group of professionals who perform activities related to the production and circulation of goods and services. Partner and social contract required.
  • Entrepreneur: Individual entrepreneurs such as freelancers, mechanics, plumbers and others.

Microenterprise Credit

Microenterprise Credit

To make a business is necessary to invest and for this many entrepreneurs look for options to get credits to expand their companies. And for that the government also offers some good options.

First of all we need to evaluate if getting credits is really necessary. You also need to pay attention to payment deadlines and make sure that you can afford these costs. Check out some tips for getting credit for your micro business:

Know how much credit your business needs


This is the starting point, before looking for credit lines. As an entrepreneur, you must add the value of all equipment, machinery, and more to get a real sense of the amount you need to be able to buy the resources you need for your business.

Taxes to pay

  • Social Contribution on Net Income (CSLL);
  • Corporate Income Tax (IRPJ);
  • Services Tax (ISS);
  • Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS);
  • Contribution to Social Security Financing (Cofins);
  • Public Integration Program for the Formation of Public Servants’ Heritage (PIS / Pasep);
  • Tax on Industrialized Products (IPI);
  • Employer Social Security Contribution (CPP).

There are some banks and lenders that offer specific lines of credit for microenterprises. Therefore it is necessary to search for all information about costs, terms, amount of interest, late fines, among others. Values ​​and rules often change from bank to bank and before choosing one you need to research to find out which one is best for you according to your priorities.